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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tribeca Film Festival Review: Love Live Long

Well as most of you already know, the Tribeca Film Festival is in full swing and there are a ton of movies to watch over the next 9 days of this festival. An NYIndieSeen staffer, has all access into the festival and has seen 2 flicks so far to review for you IndieSeen readers.

Love Live Long
(2008) The world premiere of this film took place here in NYC at The New School Tishman Auditorium. Director Mike Figgis takes us into a movie inside of a movie. This avant garde stylized story is about a woman named Rachel who videotapes herself on suicide watch and a yuppie hotel connoisseur, mysteriously cross paths in Istanbul. Darren has no idea who this mystery woman is, all he knows is that she is beautiful, appealing, and is worthy of a sexual encounter. Little does Darren know that Rachel is suffering from some serious psychological issues and he finds himself involved in a tryst that could change his the life as well as his wife and children.

The movie is a bit too slow for my taste. Figgis holds on shots of closeups for longer than necessary which slows the pace of the film. Some of the cuts are jarring and there is really no backstory involved with the characters in this film. The film is shot documentary style with a video handheld and has that movie-within-a-movie appeal. The film doesn't really deliver and the plot is severely lacking. Unless you prefer avant garde stylized films that does not necessarily tell a story, but instead let closeup images of people's facial hair and moles on their skin do the actual storytelling...then maybe this film is for you. But trust me...this movie is no Leaving Las Vegas that's for sure. Apparently the film was shot in 7 days. Now that makes plenty of sense why this movie looked like a rough cut.

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