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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tribeca Film Festival Review: Lake City

Lake City (2008)

So here's a quick scenario. Guy goes home to reconcile his estranged relationship with his mom. Mom wonders why her son has a brought a kid with him. Guy tells mom that the kid is his. Mom is confused and realizes she is now a grandmother. Guy tells mom that his babimomma is a drug addict and stole a shitload of heorin from Dave Matthews. Yes--Dave Matthews as in the leader of the self-titled band? Okay is this plot getting weird? Well not really I'm just making it sound appealing because this movie is basically like every other film I've seen before....nothing new.
This is just another southern drama about a mother and son that reunite under desperate circumstances years after a family tragedy drove them far apart.

That's the plot. So what's appealing about the film?? A few things I guess. Although the plot is nothing new and a carbon copy of most southern dramas I've seen in my lifetime, I am amazed at the performances by the great Sissy Spacek and the underrated talent Troy Garity. Garity is phenomenal to watch and without saying much, speaks volumes with his facial expressions. Sissy Spacek once again reprises her role as a southern mother who lives on a farm and is the matriarch trying to hold the family together does something a little different in this film---she turns into a bit of an action star. Therefore, the movie may be worth seeing just for that reason. The other reason would definitely be Garity's performance.
Another sleeper at the film festival, but there are plenty more to see and review so we'll keep you up to date as the festival unfolds.


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