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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Whatever Happened To Jim Caviezel?

Remember Jim Caviezel became the "It Guy" after Passion Of The Christ came out? He was like everywhere. I mean most film buffs already knew Jim from films like Angel Eyes and Frequency. I was watching The Final Cut---a craptacular film by the way that I will blog about later---and I saw Jim Caviezel and immediately thought...hey whatever happened to him?
Of course I was prompted to instantly go to my Bible--that is IMDB--pun intended of course, and look for Jim to see what he's been up to. He's got 3 movies updated and 2 are set to be released this year. So we will be seeing more of James in the future months. Thank GOD right???

He is one of those actors that are very talented but low-key. Kinda like the Jeffrey Wrights and Joseph Gordon-Levitts of the cinema world. You hear about them once every few years and then they fall off the radar. I just PRAY that Jim will keep up with the movies, becuz he's amazing to watch. I love it when he plays the disturbed creepy guy roles's kinda sexy.
Anyways good to know he's alive and well and still acting. I was getting concerned cuz you gotta admit, it's been a minute since he's come out with anything...the last film he was in was Deja Vu. JC is my homeboy! Oh yea, and that other JC guy is too...hee hee :)

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