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Monday, February 4, 2008

Craptacular Flick: The Final Cut

A few years ago a friend recommended this film to me when I was visiting her at a video store in North Hollywood. She wasn't exactly a movie buff like me, but I figured I'd check it out. Well the other night this movie came on and I decided to actually sit down for 2 hours and give this film a shot.

Damn I wish I could have got those 2 hours of my life back....

I mean, the movie isn't HORRIBLE....but it ain't great neither. The script actually has some potential to be a great film, but the story just didn't deliver. The Final Cut is set in a world where implanted microchips can record all moments of an individual's life. The chips are removed upon death so the images can be edited into something of a highlight reel for loved ones who want to remember the deceased.

Sounds like an interesting storyline right???

WRONG. Here are some major mistakes with the plot.

First of all the time period the story takes place is undefined. Are we in the future? Are we in present day? If so, where does this technology come from and how was it developed? None of these questions are ever answered and it leaves very little plausibility that a machine like this can least in the world of THIS story anyway.

Second was the fact that these memory chips called "Zoes" are only implanted in a number of human beings. Robin Williams who plays the editor of these memories, mentions that he never realized he has a Zoe and thought his parents couldn't afford one. So therefore one whould have to purchase a Zoe in order for their memories to be captured. If this is the does one purchase a Zoe chip? Where would you buy it? Why?

I know that sometimes with fiction you have to take leave some plot holes to the imagination and check reality at the door. But with this film it just gets ridiculous and then you begin to doze off and wonder why you're even watching this. I liked seeing Jim Caviezel...hadn't seen him in a minute. Robin Williams playing the creepy recluse is something he's good at, but I'd like to see a change a pace for him. Mira Sorvino plays a brief role as Williams girlfriend, but her character isn't really defined so I guess she's an old friend, girlfriend, f*** buddy...I dunno.

Bottom line...this movie sucked. Apparently some people like my friend liked it...but I thought it was a shitty indie. Welcome to the Shitty Indie archive!

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