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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shia LeBeouf hits us with the "hot beef injection!": TowelRoad

Freddy Kruger's baaaaccck!: Variety

Writer's Guild and NBC play "let's make a deal": Variety

Weeks before shooting Mark Romanek walks away from Wolf Man project: Reuters

Depp is not doing the Heath Ledger film: DarkHorizons

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Anonymous said...


York entertainment announced that will release the independent film "Spanish Harlem" on June 2008

Spanish Harlem, a coming of age comedy which star up and coming Latin actress Neisha Alvarado (Jose's Place, The Cry) and Supermodel David Miller will be released on DVD on June 24th 2008.

The film made its world premier at the Director's Chair Film Festival in 2007. An English and Spanish language film, which was produced by DR3 films, revolves the story of "Nemo" (played by David Miller) who is the typical player, who is about to find out that he played a little too hard. After getting two girls pregnant, he is marked as a dead man by both the Latino and Italian gangs.

The film is considered to be a spoof of "Half Baked" and "Desperado". A cast of New York actors, international models and stand-up comedians, along with fresh NYC music have come together to make this project.