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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Maggie Gyllenhall Gets Involved in a 3-way Lesbian Orgy

Apparently there is this short film out on the net made to support the ongoing Writer's Guild Association's strike and the film stars none other than Maggie GAAGyenhall.

In the clip, the Secretary star turns up to a hotel room to meet a man only to find two other beauties waiting to see the SAME fella. The man called AMPiTePa - short for Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers - has stood them all up. After a spell period of frustration, Maggie takes a swig from her glass of wine and says: "We don't need him. We've got everything we need right here. "Girls - you want to make an interim agreement?" The other ladies join her on the bed, but, as things start to get interesting, the lights fade and the film ends with a sexy pizza delivery girl entering the bedroom.

I guess you can watch the video and judge for yourself. In my opinion, there's nothing hot about Maggie gettin it on with ANYONE. Seein her face alone just makes me wanna gag. The only cool thing about this video is that its 3 and 1/2 minutes long....thank Gawd. We can only hope her screen time in Dark Knight will be as long. Seriously though....with a face like that she shoulda played The Joker.

SOURCE: I Don't Like You That Way

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