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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Official: Machete Is Coming to DVD

Since Netflix cancelled my account (cuz I don't know how to pay a credit card bill on time) I will wait in line at Blockbuster to rent or buy a copy of Machete. The movie trailer kicked ass and I KNOW it's gonna be a surefire hit.

Rodriguez...besides Tarantino is a cinematic genuis and to make this amazing film go straight to DVD is also smart marketing tactic. With all the internet buzz and the hastiness of fans like me to see this film, sales and rental profits will skyrocket. It may even do better than Grindhouse itself.

Unfortunately Grindhouse flopped at the box office which is one of the mysterries of the unknown that I will never figure out. But anywayz...this poster looks awesome! And the film will be even BETTA.

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