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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Indie Pick O' The Day: The Cooler

Just a quick disclaimer before we give our is us or does it seem like every William H. Macy film that's out there he's always playing some sad pathetic loser? He's a really talented actor and needs to broaden his range a bit becuz he seems to always play the same roles.

With that said...we really did like The Cooler!

The quintessential loser--that is the William H Macy role---he plays a man whose luck is so bad, he brings bad luck to others. Maria Bello plays a skanky cocktail waitress. Alec Baldwin is a menacing ol school casino director, who uses bully-mafioso tactics, to manage his employees at the Shangri-La. So Baldwin is doin alotta verbal bashing and ass kickin...another stereotypical role for Baldwin.

Wow this review doesn't sound all too positive does it?

I mean I guess what I really like about the film was the love story between Macy and Bello. Bello is paid by Baldwin to court Macy and in turn...falls in love with him. The cute--yet skanky blonde and the loser hook up and find love. Ain't love grand?

There is "alledgedly" a controversial sex scene in this film that involves Bello receving oral pleasure from Macy. I don't see what the big deal is...I guess it's just kinda rare to see women get their rocks off than the guyz.

Overall it's definitely worth checkin out. The performances are mediocre...but the story is well-written and very 3 dimensional.

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