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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fresh Blood On The Indie Circuit: Diablo Cody

Title: Diablo Cody

Stats: Born June 14th 1978. Graduated from the University of Iowa.

Why NYIndieSeen cares: Cuz she's a former stripper turned screenwriter!

With absolutely no other screenwriting credits prior to birthing the Golden Globe nominated film Juno, Diablo Cody born as Brook Busey-Hunt, worked formerly as a stripper in Minneapolis. She wrote a day to day account of her life of her experiences in the seedy world of exotic dancing in the 2006 memoir, Candy Girl: A Year in The Life of an Unlikely Stripper.

While still stripping, Cody began writing for City Pages, an alternative Twin Cities weekly newspaper. Cody drew literary fans and received accolades for puff-free accounts and columns, with special emphasis on critiques of society and popular culture. In one instance, she humorously referred to her time at the Village Voice-owned newspaper as "yellow journalism". She left City Pages just before it changed editorial hands. Cody has since written for the now-defunct Jane magazine.

After completion of the book, Cody was encouraged by Mason Novick, the manager who helped her secure a publisher for the book, to write a screenplay. Within months she wrote Juno, a surprisingly tender coming-of-age story about a Minnesota teenager's unplanned pregnancy. The Jason Reitman-directed comedy stars Ellen Page and Michael Cera.

Check her out here on a David Letterman interview....funny gal

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