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Monday, March 19, 2007

Who Should Be Cast in the New Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff??

So as you already know, Grey’s Anatomy---the best show in prime time television (according to Jamie) —is giving birth to a baby Grey’s Anatomy. In the TV world it’s called a "spin off".
Now, there have already been some actors attached to this show. We all know that
Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Montgomery) is going to leave Seattle and moving to Los Angeles (where the show is set to take place).

We also know that
Taye Diggs will play a doctor on the show. Not sure if he’s Addison’s love interest, or just a co-worker, but I’m sure eventually they’ll be knockin boots.

Here are ABC’s choices so far for the new L.A. doctors:

Kate Walsh (as Dr. Addison Montgomery)
Taye Diggs
Merrin Dungey (Sandy on Boston Legal)
Amy Brenneman (known from Judging Amy)
Chris Lowell (from the now canceled Vernoica mars)
Tim Daly (he was on that show Wings)
Paul Adelstein (from Prison Break)

Ok is it me or does this cast make you want to fall asleep? Damn what a Boring Vanilla ass, CBS movie of the week collective this is, if Shonda wants this show to be able to come out from under the shadows of its original jugguranaut hit then they will need to add some interesting actors into the mix.

So we at NYIndieSeen, feel that first and foremost, we should be Hollywood casting directors. I mean just look at our picks for Spider man 4…casting at its best right?

**Disclaimer: we include actors who we WOULD NOT cast in Spidey 4 too if u choose to browse that blog**

Now back to Grey’s…so here are our pick for who should be cast in the new Grey’s Anatomy spin off!!

Tamara Taylor – she’s the cutey from Party Of Five that got it on with Matthew Fox, she can play the neuro surgeon who cant find love, or something

Victoria Rowell – why not? She’s had experience playing a doctor on TV and she's definetly believable, plus I want to see her gettin it on with a babeolicious new intern!

Jonathan Jackson – As the hot young gay intern that needs to be shown the ropes…and we’re not talking medicine here! OKayyyyy

Lisa Bonet – Of course as the hippy dippy bohemian doctor whose penchant for Holistic medicine clashes with the hospitals practices.

Jay Hernandez – Six Degrees is canceled right? He needs a job, plus he could make for a fine ass doctor.

Boris Kodjoe – the sexy new resident…the ultimate eye candy!! , I think I'm catching a fever

Haley Joel Osment – remember Doogie Howser M.D.? It could work right? It be kinda scandalous if he got it on with one of the residents though!, Plus he sees dead people.

Marissa Tomei – she'd be the sassy independent surgeon, plus ,wouldn’t you want Marissa to operate on you?

Lindsay Price - As the young go getter intern with an imposing family (sorta like a Cristina-in-waiting)

Blair Underwood – the new McDreamy

Neve Campbell – I miss Neve! She needs to comeback to TV and star on this show! I can see her as a resident who gets caught up with an intern

Sarah Gilbert – the obligatory lesbian doctor who is willing to prove that her sexuality is only a trivial part of who she is, but she initiates a sexual awakening to some of the female doctors on staff

Meredith Salenger – Patrick Dempsey made an 80’s comeback why not Meredith? Plus she’s still cute and her nick name could be Dr. Dream a Lil Dreamette

Dennis Haskins – Chief of Staff. Okay, I know we could be going out on a limb..but wouldn’t it be cool if Mr. Belding was the chief? It would be high school all over again!!

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