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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Whatever Happened To Michael Winslow?

Remember the dude that made the funny sounds with his mouth and hands from the Police Academy movies? Whatever happened to Michael Winslow? I mean he was like a huge star in the 80’s thanks to the plethora of Police Academy sequels.

He was also a stand-up comedian and had the best acts with simply making noises and doing voice impersonations of crazy characters. I loved his act. Did you guys know he played the voice of some of the Mogwais and Gremlins in the Joe Dante flick Gremlins?? I mean we all know Howie Mandel played Gizmo, but Winslow was also present as the cute lil furry Mogs and the creepy scaly Grems…

After the Police Academy franchise disappeared so did his career…or so it seems. He played minor roles in Dlist films in the 90’s. He even did some Television. I can’t believe he was on Baywatch Nights. He had to have known his career was officially dead when he made that decision.

Recently he has done voice spots on Robot Chicken (I love that show!). He is also appearing in the movie spoof Coming Attractions which has sort of got the Kentucky Fried Movie montage vibe going on.

Wouldn’t that be cool if they came up with Police Academy: The Reunion?

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