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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Night Crash: Danny Deckchair

Danny Deckchair

This 2003 romantical Aussie hit is a comedy you can't take too seriously. Danny is a cement truck driver that is sick and tired of his mundane 9-5 lifestyle. He decides to take a break from his boring monotonous life and wants to take a vacation with his girlfriend Trudy. When Trudy bails out on him at the last minute, Danny decides to take matters into his own hands and perform a wild stunt to help escape his boring Suburban life.

Danny gets with his co-worker buddies, and takes an old backyard patio chair and they help strap close to 10 or more helium balloons to the chair. The chair takes off unexpectedly, and Danny finds himself flying through the air on a patio chair with nothing but the support of helium balloons to keep him afloat.

As Murphy and his laws allow, Danny wanders into a thundercloud and manages to survive the rain and lightning. Danny laughs that he made it alive and he is still floating in the air. However, there is a fireworks celebration (coincidentally) that takes place and when the firework ignites near his balloons a small fire ensues and Danny finds himself falling from the sky when his balloons begin to pop one by one.

Danny falls into a tree and lands safely in the small town of Clarence. He meets a beautiful woman named Glenda, who he begins to fall in love with and soon realizes that his life in Clarence as well his life with her is in fact his true destiny.

I would recommend this film only to people who first of all, love romantic comedies. Second, this film is for those who don't take stories too seriously. The plot is not plausible and the reactions of the townspeople to Danny arriving in their town is not quite what you would expect, but its funny, cute, sweet, magical and not to mention--a good Sunday night crash.

The film stars Rhys Ifans who plays Danny and looks alot like Ryan Gosling, but only in the beginning. He actually looked cuter scruffy, before he shaves away all his facial hair. Miranda Otto plays Glenda, who you may recognize from the Lords Of The Ring movies...but I remember her as Tom Cruise's wife in War Of The Worlds.

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