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Friday, March 2, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: The Descent

Are you in the mood for a scary movie tonite? Then you need to rent this UK indie hit that came out last year. The Descent scared the living shit out of me. Pardon my French, but its true. Horror films typically do not scare me. It’s hard to make a GOOD scary movie. However this film did it for me.

After a tragic accident, six friends reunite for a caving expedition. A group of female friends led by Juno, who encounter bloodthirsty creatures when they get trapped in a mountain cave due to a rockfall. Worst of all, they their friendships sour and they discover their real fear is from each other.

The beginning of the film has a bit of a slow pace. The backstory of the main character is set up and the motive for why the girls take the cave expedition trip is slowly established. However, once they get into that cave’s on! The film take a complete turn and these women are trying to survive and running away from a community of cave-dwelling mutants that have an affinity for human flesh!! Ya gotta see this movie. Just make sure you see it with a friend, cuz it WILL scare you. My ears hurt when I was in the theater because so many people kept screaming aloud. There are several “jump” moments where you slightly jump out of your chair because you are so surprised as to what is happening.

This film’s director
Neil Marshall won the Best Director Award at the British Independent Film Awards.

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