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Friday, March 2, 2007

For Your Consideration: Carpe Diem Films LLC

"Buddha Wild Monk in the Hut" by Anna Wilding which garnered LA Weekly Critics Pick, is now available to the public in Australia and New Zealand through Gil Scrines Films.


Gil Scrine,who also distributes Sophie Scholl,Enron and the Corporation closed a deal with
Ms Wilding in November last year. Buddha Wild was was not entered into the cost prohibitive festival circuit however the film , was chosen to screen at the TMG Luxury Suite in Sundance 2007 on its merit. "Wild" meaning to be one with nature, is a film that in a deftly created and entertaining manner,presents a positive and joyful message to the entire world. The critics and the general public who have been fortunate to see Buddha Wild Monk and have raved about this original and humble film.

Anna Wilding presented and spoke about her film "Buddha Wild Monk in the Hut" in November at the Calgary Buddhist Film Series in Canada 2006 and has spoken about the film and the making of it on several occasions throughout the world inlcuding being selected for the Screen Actors Guild Roll film Series. The critically-acclaimed film was one of six films selected for its "artistic merit and thematic diversity" and was highlighted at the Buddhist Film Series. The modest budget indie "Buddha Wild Monk In The Hut" was screened alongisde heavywight hitters "Little Buddha", "Last Samurai", "Crash", "Ghost Dog Way of
the Samurai" and "I Heart Huckabees."

Buddha Wild received the largest audience share alongside Last Samurai.
This small budget vibrant film screened for 2 weeks in cinema in Los Angeles garnering Critics Pick by LA Weekly Critic Mark Olsen who wrote: "GO ! Inspiration ! A Surprisingly Pleasant Trip," whilst Union Jack Newspaper stated: "Accomplished. Anna Wilding Captures Our Attention." Sean Hoade of Amazon writes "I was charmed by it. The films utter lack of pretension, coupled with an affectionate glimpse of what real Buddhist monks are like (funny and self effacing but serious about their mission), makes for a unique viewing experience."

A writer from Shambayla Sun, Moonrise Movies ," A delightfully sweet and accurate film"
Buddha Wild also recently had a four week run in Christchurch NZ .More theatrical roll outs will be hopefully be secured thorugh USA distribution. "Buddha Wild Monk In The Hut" was Directed, Produced, Written and Narrated by Anna Wilding, telling the simple and pure tale of monks on a missionary monastery. At times humorous film it focuses on the thoughts and meaning of peace and loving kindness in this day and age of war and the Asian culture and also the role of women. Despite limited access to large cameras and with the filmmaker facing constant days of rain, the film has been woven together in a complex and intelligent style that suits a Buddhist narrative.

The film has consistently received good houses and praise for its colorful, engaging yet
natural story telling by Anna Wilding and clever but easy to understand distillation of the complex Buddhist and Asian cultural beliefs. Since its limited screenings, "Buddha Wild Monk In The Hut" has captured a host of outstanding reviews: "the nonlinear style is fascinating -- It is an entertaining and informative, even compelling, ode to the life and mission of the world's hundreds of thousands of monks, especially the Theravadins in south-east Asia, and if you're interested in Buddhism -- or in human nature in general -- and get the chance to see Buddha Wild, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the opportunity."

"Buddha Wild Monk In The Hut" was produced, directed and narrated by Anna Wilding, whose
additional responsibility included screenplay and cinematography. Original Music by Charles David Denler and Sound Editing by Alasdair Kindcaid. Anna Wilding made the entertaining film which has appealed to main stream audiences to counteract instances of racism she witnessed in the hope that a greater understanding of cultural diversity in a positive way would subconsciously bring about a stronger step towards peace.The film is also available at and

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