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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Indie Pick 'O' the Day: The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

Kieran Culkin and Emille Hirsch star as pupils in this film about a group of adolescent boys who attend a catholic school run by the tyrannical one legged nun ; Sister Assumpta, (played by Jodie Foster) .
Engaging in general mischief and pranks the boys attempt to escape there oppressive academic surroundings through there self made comic book "The Atomic Trinity"
set in the 70's, the film follows the 4 boys exploits, including first loves and family Crisis.
but after Sister Assumpta confiscates there precious Atomic Trinity comic the boys set out on a plan to extract revenge on her to some ultimately dire consequences.
A mix of Stand by Me and The Virgin Suicides with some pretty cool Todd Mcfarlene Drawn comic book animation thrown in the mix, this 2002 film directed by Peter Care, takes a touching and fun look at the wild vestiges of these boys imagination ,there innocence and its eventual deterioration that is a part of coming of age.

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