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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Greg Reese: A NY Indie Filmmaker

I grew up in Cleveland and made my first movie when I was 8 years old with a super 8mm film camera. It involved a paper machete asteroid, gasoline, plastic dinosaurs and my sandbox. In my adolescence I mastered the lost art of 4 track recording and making movies with 2 VCRs wired together with random radio shack rigs. I went off to be a Marine Corps Rifleman and later a guitarist for a few Rock and Roll bands and in 1998 I got my first computer and discovered the new reality we live in where anyone with a computer can produce competitive works of art. It was a glorious moment in my life and I recall telling everyone how I have sold my soul to the digital. In August of 2006 I moved out here to the New York City area to begin earning a living as an artist. Right now I continue to create what comes to me and try to explore every corner of the universe which exists within me. I just love doing it.

I am self taught with all that I do and so I have my own ignorant self taught way of doing things including doing everything myself. I write produce direct shoot light mic act mix edit and whatever else needs to be done. It saves time trying to find others to do it when I have no real budget to work with. This is the challenge I find I am confronted with here in New York. I am ignorant to the way things are done out here. So I continue to do what I love and I enjoy all the energy and all the international flavor here and I trust every day will bring me what I need.You can view some of my work at the following 2 links:

Check out The Short Film Corner link for more of Greg's videos.

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