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Sunday, March 4, 2007

An Important Message from NyIndieSEEN

Hello to all of our Indie Film Lovers and makers out there. We know you guys are checking out the site but we would Appreciate some More Feedback. so COMMENT!!!!, thats what the comments section after each post is for.

Do You love us?, or do you think We suck Monsters Balls?

Either way let us know. We would like this site to be a place to foster discussion , argument, and even Networking oppurtunities and We are not able to do that without your Participation.

so C'mon suckas, step up to the plate. Batter up and whatever other baseball metaphor comes to mind

Let us know what YOU have to say....

We took down the comments because no one was sayin shit. Now we want your feedback. So it's back up and running and we are ready to see what you have to say.

Our comments section is needy and it wants your attention.

thanks bitches

The comments are now open

-NYIndieSeen Staff

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