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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sex scenes

you know what my favorite part of a movie is?, not the part where everyone lives happily ever after or the lead character survives a barrage of obstacles to come out triumphant and stronger as a person in the end. NO my favorite part of the movie, is the Sex scene, and I'm not talking about a "love scene either"

None of the romantical bullshit. I'm talking some real hardcore bang it out sex! I mean that's what intimacy is really about right? Its not about all that lovey dovey soul mates shit it's about getting Buckwild wit it!

Hmmm, maybe that's why we're single... '

Anyways here is our joint list of some of our Fave Sex scenes on celluloid ...... a mainstream film anyways

The Dreamers: Michael Pitt, Eva Greene and Louis Gerrel make a tantalizing threesome in this explicit Bernardo Bertolucci film.
that and you get to see some quality Pitt Peen.

Factory Girl: caught this one at the original test screening, I'm not sure if they edited anything out for the official theatrical release, but yeah Hayden and sienna were definitely Boneing in that one. Realest sex scene EVER!

Mysterious Skin: The camera focuses on the face of (the hotness that is) Joseph Gordon Levitt while he gets head from some fat middle aged john, but we get to see every exquisite expression on the Hotness's face, and there's nothing sexxier than that....sigh

White men Can't jump: Rosie Perez and Woodie Harrelson, I don't know what it is about this scene, maybe its the ferocious sweatiness but it does it for me every time

Jasons's Lyric: Jada Pinkett smith and Allen Payne break our hearts in this poignant Drama that initially received an NC-17 rating, yeah its a bit more "romantic" then most of the other entries but its still a scorcher

Y tu mamá también: the final kiss between Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego luna, was enough to get this thoroughly provocative film on our list. yummers

Every Fucking scene, On The L Word: I know its not a movie but whatevez this Addictive showtime series consistently packs on the hot girl on girl action, and we bow down to the lusciousness that is Jennifer Beals

True Romance - Ain't nuthin like bumpin uglies inside a telephone booth. Yeah thatz hot! Especially when you're doin it with Christian Slater (pre-fugly years though)

Body Of Evidence - Madonna of course would have to star in a film that has one of the hottest sex scenes. The whole masochistic-pour-hot-candle-wax-all-over-my-body-bit always makes for some good lovin.

Fatal Attraction - The best one night stand ever! These two can't even wait to get inside of the apartment, they start goin at it inside of the elevator! Hotness.

Unfaithful - Adrian Lyne surely knows how to make sex scenes work. He had us shaking inside when Olivier Martinez touched Diane Lane.

9 1/2 Weeks - Another Lyne favorite. Nothing goes better with sex than food. Using food as foreplay a diabetics fantasy

Dead Calm - Yea, this wasn't exactly consensual, but it wasn't exactly forced either. Something about this sex scene is hot even though Billy Zane is sooo bad.

Brokeback Mountain - Actually i was expecting a lil more full frontal action, but the subtlty can be kinda of hot especially when he spits on his hand and shoves it down Jakes.
...... yeah

Wild Things - Classic, Neve Campbell, Matt dillon and Denise Richards in her prime, we love a good threesome and this one definetly delivers. I'm still waiting to try out that champagne move.

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