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Friday, February 9, 2007

Maxine Lewis: An Indie Filmmaker

Maxine Lewis
Personal Profile: Advocate for Animal Rights ie PETA
Cancer survivor
Horse breeder

Achievements: Nominated for 'Young Australian of The Year Award Poem "The Wars Tears" was published in "Patterns of Life"
Featured in "Creative Screenwriting Magazine" Vol 12 # 4Featured in "Dogs Life Magazine" With Tiddles December/January Yearbook
Featured in "The Herald Sun" August 2006Featured on TV's Channel 7 'Today Tonight' 11th August 2006

Max has used her health problems to give her strength through adversity. She loves animals and has many rescued pets. Her role models are Charlie Kaufman, M Night Shyamalan, Steven Speilberg, and Cameron Crowe just to name a few. She enjoys writing movies with twisted endings that make you think. She plans to direct her own short film soon and is at present completing two scripts. Max is currently in a wheelchair due to her MS and nerve damage from the diabetes but is having surgery in 2007 so she can walk again!
Max's Works:
All scripts are protected by WGA and Protectrite.

Two Drama/Fantasy
A man brings his dream woman into the real world or does he?

The Red Silk Dress Short Film Drama
After Cassie is a passenger in a car accident she is sentenced to a life in a wheelchair. Overcoming this hurdle she becomes a drama teacher but never expects to experience forbidden love. How far would you go for love?
In Production

Sadly shooting of 'The Red Silk Dress' was postponed due to Max's ill health. In late 2005 Max was told she had Multiple Sclerosis. Max wants to raise awareness of MS and has written a story for 'The Courier Newspaper' called 'Coping With MS'. Max has also been in 'The Herald Sun' and on TV's 'Today Tonight' speaking about positive thinking when ill.Shooting of 'The Red Silk Dress' will begin shooting sometime in 2007 for the moment Max is busy writing a series for TV and some screenplays!

Max has been awarded an MS Australia Go for Gold Scholarship and will be purchasing film equipment to continue her career in filmmaking.


Documentary Short Film Short listed at The Victoria Festival of Motion Image July 2006. Directed,produced, and starring Max.

Max is acting the part of the wife/shop keeper in 'Compound Interest'(Short Film) with director/producer Jade Smithard.

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