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Monday, February 5, 2007

KFED'S Throat Got Slashed!!!!

So apparently there is a National Portrait Gallery that features photographs of all of these celebrities either looking very glamorous, or hideous. Well we must say, they've outdone themselves this year with a photo taken by photographer Steven Klein of none other than the infamous Kevin Federline.

Yes, I likez the KFED. He's my guilty pleasure, and damn it we all have one. I'm just bold enough to admit it, and I know KFed is trying to put himself out there outside of Britney's shadow, but isn't this a lil extreme? Couldn't KFed just take it down a notch?

Well in order to get famous you have to add a little notoriety, but damn a photo of your throat slashed? What next? A picture of Nicole Richie in a bikini where we can see her bones and most of her insides? Oh wait a min... I'm late.

P.S. I'm sure his kids will LOVE the photo!

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