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Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is gonna be a good one!

The king of the cool Himself Samuel, "Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane" Jackson stars as a southern religious nutcase who takes a slutty christina "Wednesday Addams" Ricci, Prisoner until she repents for her sins in the new flick Black Snake Moan,
Basically, She wakes up from a stupor one day chained in his house and he forces her to confront her past, before he will set her free.
They end up having sincere heart to hearts about their lives or some shit, where each one of them learn more about themselves and each other and grow as people and most likely come to life changing realizations and yada, yada, yada.

All I know is we've got a chained up white girl and Mace, Motherfucking, Windu with a shot gun.
Just checked out the
trailer and it looks friggen gang busters!
(if you block out the parts where Justin Timberlake randomly pops up and throws the Whack juice all over everything.)

The movie is directed and written by Craig Brewer who previously did
Hustle and Flow: the flick that won Three 6 Mafia an academy award and gave us THIS Shining moment in Academy history.
Needless to say I will be checking this one out when it hits theatres February 23rd, or maybe I'll just give it a couple of days and catch it at the local BlockBuster.
Either way its worth a Look. Plus ya gotta love that title.
heres hoping that we get a good dose of F bombs from Sammy

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