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Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Indie "It" girl to Sloppy Hipster pornstar

Gotta admit I was once all about the Sevignes' she was cute in her break out role in KIDS, I adored her in, still one of my favorite movies to date, "The Last Days of Disco" and theres always been something about her , this sort of whimsical cool-without-even-trying aura thats always sort of charmed me. plus you gotta admit the bitch knows how to pick a good role appearing in slick ass flicks like
Boys don't cry, American Psycho, Party Monster and Gummo

If I heard she was involved in a project it instantly made it that much more appealing to me
but somethings happened recently in Indie film land. Bitch has completly lost her once glorious avante-garde Luster, its been replaced with a sense of eye rolling exasperation.
Now I hear the name chloe sevigney and I cringe a little inside; you know, the way people with senses of humor do when they hear the name Dane Cook, or cheeseburgers do when they hear the name Rosie O'donnel
she's over she's old hat , she's become that obnoxious drunk girl that stayed at the party too long, and its the next morning and everyones long gone and she's tapping you on the shoulder as you attempt to pass out in a pool of your own vomit asking "if theres anymore jell-o shots left?"
you know
that girl

i tried to pin-point the moment she became that girl and i think I've found IT.

Something about giving a BJ to an
anti-semetic hag faced has-been looney tunes on film That just sucks all the whimsy out of ya.

R.I.P chloe sevigney's innocence.


DEEZnuTZ said...

Yea, I heard she gave Vincent Gallo a NICE BJ in that movie. I gotta check that shit out!

Hayley said...

I really liked her in Kids. That's like one of my favorite movies of hers. Such a cute pic of her too.