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Friday, January 12, 2007


These are celebrities SEEN this week in our favorite island of Manhattan...

John Leguizamo was seen walking his son to school at 14th St and Union Square South. Oh they were so cute together!!!

Julia Stiles at the Staples on 14th St and Union Square waiting in line to pay at the register! Wow she actually waited in line all by herself?? Kudos Julia!!

Madonna was seen in Starbucks right off of 5th Ave. Did she rap that pathetic lyric from "American Life" while she was sippin her latte??

Josh Hartnett was chillin down Crosby at Spring St with two old people. We hope they were his parents. He was wearing dark shades and a black ski's so obvious when they try hard to not be noticed.

Sarah Jessica Parker was over at East 42nd St wearing a designer floral print coat seen flowing in the breeze and seen getting into a limo. Oh that's soooo Carrie Bradshaw!!

Ryan Phillippe seen coming out of a Bentley on 68th and Broadway with a brunette was WAS NOT Reese Witherspoon. They were at the movies and saw Children of Men. We guess he's not too broken up over Reese.

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