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Friday, January 12, 2007

Blood, Guts, and Sluts!

Quentin Tarrantino and Robert Rodriguez those genuises of indie filmmaking are teaming up once again to bring you GrindHouse being released in April this year. It's a pretty cool concept. In typical Rodriguez-Tarrantino style, they pay homage to B-movie explotation films. Grindhouse, also known as Grindhouse cinema or trash cinema, are a genre of movies that throw out all that arthouse bullshit out of the window and sensationlizes excessive sex, violence, and gore.

We know its sort of a long way off, but we are counting the days until this bad boy gets released!! GrindHouse is two movies presented as "Planet Terror" directed by Rodriguez and "Death Proof" directed by Tarrantino. Here's just a sample of what this film has to offer:

Rose McGowan has a amputated leg that serves as a machine gun

Kurt Russell owns a car that kills and stalks beautiful women

An outbreak of infected sickos take over a small town

Killer zombies ravage a community

Ok now here's the kicker! The scenes in the movie are presented as a montage of movie trailers. What will these guys think of next? Dontcha love it?? Or do you hate it? Either way, this will be another Kill Bill/ Sin City obession for the 2007 summer blockbuster year!

Just a teaser of what Grindhouse has to offer

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Anonymous said...

This looks sooooo Awesome!,
Im jizzing right now