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Monday, January 22, 2007

Indie pick 'O' the day: Party Girl

I know, I know, its typical.. obvious even.

When you think of the "New York indie" you think of this movie.

Well at least thats what I think of when i think "Ny Indie", that and a strung out heroin addict in the middle of a dark alley ( but thats my own can of worms I gotta deal with). Actually You probably think of something completly different, maybe Kids, Annie Hall, who knows. In any event this should be the second thing you think of, or least top 15 !

This is the movie that made Parker Posey the indie darling that she is, and introduced us to her scattered and endearing acting style.

released in 1995 and becoming the first film ever to be shown in its entirity on the Internet.

Party Girl, just ooozes that indie spirit, character driven with a sense of low budget underground hipness. Daisy Von Scherler Mayer directs and smartly just seems to let Parker posey charm her way through the whole movie.

The film revolves around Parkers character ( Mary) who after getting in trouble with the law, ends up having to work as a librarian for her god-mother to pay her back for bailing her out. Mary is a new york night life scenester at heart and has to wrestle with her burning desires to drug, drink, and be fabulous and her godmothers constant finger waving dissaproval.

Parker is joined by Guillemero diaz as aspiring Dj Leo and Omar townsend as Mustafar the hot lebanese sluvaki vendor all addding solid performances.

so get into that NY spirit and check this one out.

P.s. did anybody ever see the short lived TV show spinoff of this movie that starred the girl who played Marsha in the Brady Bunch movies?, how much did that show rock! it was adorable. who do I have to blow around here to get that one released on DVD?

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