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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tribeca All Access – 2011 Project Selection

Tribeca All Access – 2011 Project Selection


*BOLD Name – indicates Spotlighted Filmmaker


Boarders Without Borders

“Boarders Without Borders” follows three American snowboarders on a journey to the world-class mountains of Iran, where they meet and ride with Iranian youth snowboarders. A shared passion creates an understanding between two seemingly disparate nations.


*Marjan Tehrani (Co-Director, Producer)

Brian Sachson (Co-Director)

Brian Sachson (Producer)

Broken Heart Land

After the tragic suicide of a gay teen, the surrounding community of gay youth and their families in the Bible Belt are left to deal with the aftermath as they struggle to prevent further deaths.

*Randy Stulberg (Director, Producer)

Jeremy Stulberg (Director, Producer)

Eric Juhola (Producer)

Gideon's Army

Every day, more and more people are arrested, handcuffed, shoved into a

squad car, and booked. Weeks turn into months and their only line of defense is in the hands of a public defender. “Gideon’s Army” asks, are public defenders up to the fight?


*Dawn Porter (Director, Producer)

God Loves Uganda

Evangelical missionaries from the U.S.A. export their war against immorality to Uganda, where the battle for human souls clashes with the fight for human rights.


*Roger Ross Williams (Director, Producer),

Nick Quested (Executive Producer)

Derek Wiesehahn (DP)

Montana Medical Marijuana Film (title TBD)

Set against the sweeping vistas of the Rockies, the steamy lamplight of marijuana grow-houses, and the cold sterility of the hospice ward, “Montana Medical Marijuana Film” examines the process of turning an underground


*Rebecca Richman Cohen (Director, Producer),

Francisco Bello (Producer, Editor)

Joshua Weinstein (Director of Photography)


County Line (Drama)

A Southern town's underbelly exposed when its sheriff tries to rid himself of a drug alliance with a family friend and investigate the deaths of his female informants. In the process, he must confront his son's addiction to the drugs he's allowed in his county.


*Tina Mabry (Director, Screenwriter),

Morgan Stiff (Producer, Screenwriter, Editor)

Lee Stiff (Producer, Exec. Producer)

Bradford Young (D.P.)

Meg Morman (Casting Director)

Dandekar Finds Home (Dramedy)

When a kindly middle-aged man is forced into retirement, and his daughters attempt to cheer him up by trading away his old, clunky Volvo for a brand-new one, Dandekar’s daylong journey to get his beloved old car back prepares him to move onto the next phase of his life.


*Leena Pendharkar (Director, Screenwriter)

Megha Kadakia (Producer)

We’ll Be Gone (Drama)

“We’ll Be Gone” tells the story of a disparate group of Americans bound together by a bad mortgage in the days leading up to the economic collapse.


*Hossein Keshavarz (Director, Screenwriter)

The Tennis Partner (Drama)

“The Tennis Partner” is an unforgettable, true story of a doctor's struggle to teach a student about medical science and, as their relationship grows, to save him from cocaine addiction. It is an adaptation of the bestselling memoir by Dr. Abraham Verghese about his medical practice in El Paso, TX.


*Mridu Chandra (Screenwriter)

Amy Hobby (Producer)

Somebody to Love (Drama)

Chuck Banks is a broken down soul singer surviving off the fame of his late father and a hit he wrote years ago. After one too many drinks, one too many miles, and one too many fights with his band-mate and girlfriend Janelle, he finds himself in a familiar town where an old flame seems to offer the dream of settling down. Faced with a choice, Chuck struggles to find the love he thinks he wants but ultimately realizes that family is closer than he thought.


*Alrick Brown (Director)

Mick Casale (Writer)

Edward McDonald (Producer)

Tati Barrantes (Producer)

Peter Newman (Mentor)

Susan Jacobs (Music Supervisor)


UK Film Council Supported:

Giant Land (Drama)

Troubled ten year-old Ryan escapes his mother and her boyfriend by playing on the industrial wasteland near his home, where he finds an injured Afghani man hiding out in a shipping container and convinces himself he has found his estranged father.


*Yousaf Ali Khan (Screenwriter,Director)

Canadian Film Centre (CFC) Supported:

Born into This (Comedy)

Jazz musician Benjamin, a down on his luck romantic arrives home after being kicked out of his prestigious music school. His life takes an unexpected turn when his 80 year-old grandfather gives him the family business and becomes a lively roommate.


*Emanuel Shirinian (Director)

David Miller (Producer)

Darren Portelli (Producer)

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