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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Movie Review: Frailty

I know this movie is an oldie...but its also a goodie. "There are demons among us" echoes the voice of Mr. Meiks played by Bill Paxton as a man who has a vision by an angel and becomes a messenger of mercy from God to destroy demons. In the movie Frailty, the story begins with Fenton Meiks played by Matthew McConaughey as man who claims he knows the man who is known as the God's Hands killer. He admits that the serial killer is his own brother.

From there Meiks tells the story to FBI agent Wesley Doyle played by Powers Boothe the story of his childhood and what it was like growing up in a single parent home with his father and brother. His father is sent on a mission from God to destroy the demons that are among us. These demons appear in human form and young Fenton believes his father is killing innocent human beings and not demons.

Fenton tries to tell the local police that his father is crazy, but no one believes him. Soon after Fenton is punished by his father forced to stay imprisioned in the backyard of a makeshift dungeon he created for disposing the bodies of his victims.

This film is a thriller/horror film that will have you on the edge of you seat minute by minute. Stunning performance by Bill Paxton, who also directed the film. A late review, but a film certainly worth its wait!!!

The summary of the movie ends here, because there is a pretty intense plot twist that shall remain secret until you have seen the film, but let's just say as someone who can predict a plotline very well, I didn't see it comin! As a sidenote; it was good to see McConaughey in a film where he didn't play a stoner or a wisecrackin douche who has commitment issues with women. Of course this film came out in 2001 and he hasn't really played against type since. Poor Matthew.

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