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Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie Review: I'm Through With White Girls!

In this comedy we meet Jay Brooks. He is not what you would call your typical Black Man living in America. He has a job as a graphic novel artist, listens to Indie rock, and dates nothing but white women. Ok well maybe he is like the typical Black man living in America. Jay just can’t seem to commit to relationships and ends each one by writing his spurned lovers a note on yellow legal paper. You know the whole “It’s not you, it’s me” type of BS. According to Jay it takes a special white girl to be in the black/white relationship

But a discovery is at hand, when Jay is at a lunch with his childhood best friend Drake and his fiancee J.C. He sees the dynamic of the black family that comes together and bonds. Jay’s conclusion is that maybe his problem with being in relationships is the simple fact that he had never really dated a black woman. So he decides to give white girls up “cold turkey”, and makes it his mission to only date black women. His white friends at work coin his search “Operation Brown Sugar” and even his friends tell him that they don’t envision him dating a black woman.

It seems that Jay doesn’t date black women for a reason, because he seems to have utterly nothing in common with them. Also throw in the fact that he is extremely immature, emotionally stunted, and has no car in Los Angeles no black woman will really put up with him.

However one day while visiting J.C. his friend’s fiancĂ©e at work, he comes to meet Catherine a writer with a newly released book. He finds her to be cute and quirky, being a light skinned mixed race woman with funky dreads. She is a very modern day black boho type. They both fall for each others quirks and see if they can make the relationship work.

In this relationship both have insecurities that they must face. Catherine being a writer cannot fathom having to read aloud her own work without worrying about being criticized of her speaking voice claiming that the more excited and nervous she gets the more she sounds like a valley girl. She believes this flaw makes it hard for people to take it seriously. Jay has to face his issues with commitment and find that it is his immature self that keeps running from relationships. And maybe it just wasn’t white women that was his trouble, just maybe it was him.

Now I want to say bluntly I didn’t expect much from this low budget indie black romantic- comedy. On the title alone I was like “Oh Lord, what kind of movie is this anyway?” But I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times at the well executed humor. Plus added bonus you get to see Alaina Reed Hall aka Rose from 227 and Johnny Brown who played Bookman on Good times. And Hunky dancer/model/actor Marcus Patrick makes an appearance as a tasty football player. Yummy!!!

I give it 3 ½ tickets out of 5. See it!

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