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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wallabout Film Festival 2009

Wallabout is: a collaborative project putting cultural assembly into explicitpractice; a collective celebrating artists’ efforts and the co-production of art; a festival promoting the continuous flow of creative episteme and the techne. It is a question leading to a question leading to a question. Wallabout is committed to challenging our minds while exulting the works of to-day. Wallabout is about it all. First and foremost, efforts will go towards the moment of creative collision. We
strive to deliver innovative work and host an atmosphere conducive for playful and intellectual discourse. The passion to bring people together cannot cease. The Wallabout Film Festival submerges itself in the evolution of film while acting as a liaison between creators and community. Particularly attributing the short film, we acknowledge the diversity of expression captured within motion picture.

A short can challenge, entertain, and inspire its audience as aptly as a feature length film. Perhaps a champion of brevity and simplicity, a piece could very well dip and delve into any complexity of our world, opening our eyes to something new. We support the heart of the creative realm and wish to promote its essential role in our everyday lives. Be it in schools, on the street, or in a book, we believe the arts are not a supplement, but a necessity. You are an artist. We are an artist. The spirit of independent filmmaking constantly pushes and remodels the standard. Whether created with state-of-the-art equipment or with the most basic
devices, the accessibility to short film allows any ambitious visionary the opportunity to innovate. The format essentially cultivates this democratic approach to creative expression. Wallabout seeks entries that individually contribute towards this development of film and manifest the vast range of perspective.

Whether it is a film viewing or a casual discussion over chocolate, we very
much believe in the importance of interaction within communities, Brooklyn,
New York, and beyond. Though the world with its many differences seems to
expand by the second, we hope to establish a neighborhood of understanding
and curiosity while moving forward, together.

The Wallabout Film Festival will be held on Thursday, April 23, 2009,
at Pochron Studios, 20 Jay Street, in Brooklyn, New York.

Selections will be judged by a panel that includes an array of filmmakers and
artists and shall be evaluated in the categories of Fiction and Non-Fiction.
Entries are to be submitted on DVD or Blu-ray disc by the deadline of
April 10, 2009, along with the official entry form.

Run time must not exceed 8 minutes and the film should have been completed within the last year (finished after March 2008). All guidelines and requirements must be followed in order to
be eligible.

Entries are to be mailed to:
The Program in Critical and Visual Studies
Dekalb Hall, Office 315
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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