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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jobs In The Industry

Featured Job Of The Week:

courtesy of The Creative Mind Group

An amazing opportunity is available for a film FOCUS PULLER/FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA.

There is a position that opened up on my set, the set is filled with Hollywood's finest. From an A list Director of Photography, to an Academy award winner, to an international film star to a television sweetheart along with a MTV TV show creator and more, this crew is stacked with talent. We shoot on the Arri 16 camera on 16mm film, this is a great networking opportunity and a chance to be part of a dynamite project. I'm hiring for the FOCUS PULLER/FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA position. Paid job with extra perks, we want to make you happy so you can do great work with us. The entire crew gets along very well and we welcome the right person into our crew. Please call me personally to discuss and of course feel free to contact me via e-mail address listed below. Time is of the essence, so if you're looking to work immediately get in touch with me. Call Jessica at 716.799.5334.

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