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Saturday, December 6, 2008


On behalf of IFC Films and indieWIRE, we are pleased to announce that an exclusive Steven Soderbergh interview and clip from Che is now live on!

One week before his two-part epic, "Che," opens in New York and Los Angeles, filmmaker Steven Soderbergh talks with Anthony Kaufman in an interview published today at "Since premiering in Cannes," writes Kaufman (author of "Steven Soderbergh: Interviews"), "'Che' has been hailed as both a masterpiece and misguided; eitherway, it's one of the most ambitious films in Soderbergh's career--a 'frustrating' one, he acknowledges--and a fascinating, beautifully rendered reinvention of the bio-pic."In his New York production office, Soderbergh reflected on his career, talked about video-on-demand, the RED digital camera, landscape photography and the benefits of being nice. Today's indieWIRE interview includes an exclusive video clip from the IFC Films release. On December 12, "Che" will be released for one week in New York and Los Angeles as a single 257-minute film with intermission and in theatres nationwide in two parts on Jan. 9th, debuting on VOD starting Jan. 21, 2009.

Check out the exclusive clip here!

iW VIDEO: Benicio Del Toro in an exclusive scene from "Che" from indieWIRE Video on Vimeo.


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