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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tonight's workshop: yes we can

Tonight, Wednesday, 6:30-9:30pm, is my free screenwriting workshop: "Story Structure & Creative Exploration". Be guided through writing exercises that free you to explore as you lay the structural foundation of your story.

In addition to the usual program, we will have the opportunity to celebrate what is a momentous event in human history. Regardless of who you voted for or would have voted for, you are welcome to join in the celebration as we are reminded of the critical role that artists play in shaping the course of human events. (Past and current students just wanting to convene and celebrate are especially invited to attend!)

Location, and RSVP at: (Reservations not accepted by email. RSVP through website only.)

Your name will appear on the reservations list if you RSVP by 4pm. After that, you are welcome to attend as a walk-in. Participants with reservations will be seated first. At 7pm, all reservations are forfeited and seats will be given to stand-by attendees.

WEEKEND SEMINAR: Story Structure & Creative Explorations

New and experienced writers will gain a battery of effective tools to help bring both skill and inspiration to every draft:
Maximize the emotional impact of your work: Tell memorable stories and learn how to evoke the emotions you intend in your audience. A dozen film clips shown to demonstrate the concepts.
Dissolve writing blocks: Jump-start the creative flow
Ease and simplify the development process: Rather than battling a script for years, learn how to break down the process into small, manageable, and effective steps.
Study story structure: Learn how to keep a story engaging from start to finish by focusing on characters rather than plot
Network: Gain specific tools to building a network of support and marketing your work.
Saturday, Nov. 15, 10am-6:00pmSunday, Nov. 16, 10am-5:00pm
Cost is on a sliding scale of $285-485 (you choose the fee, payment plans possible). Partial scholarships are available on a financial-need basis; see site for details.


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