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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Craptacular Flick: Dark Floors

Most people on Halloween go out to costume parties, trick or treating, or crazy parades. However there is a certain number of folks like myself who prefer to stay home and watch a horror movie marathon with friends. The movie of choice was Dark Floors directed by Pete Riski. I have to say it was pretty "risky" for Mr. Riski to make this film. The script wasn't very good. The film is about a father treating his autistic daughter for a brain condition. He sees that the hospital is not very successful in treating his daughter Sarah, so he decides to leave the hospital.

Sarah's nurse Emily, insists that the little girl stay for some further "experimental procedures". At that moment, Emily, Sarah, and her father Ben get on an elevator with three other passengers. The elevator suddenly stops and they find themselves stuck. Several moments later the elevator resumes down to the 4th floor and as the elevator doors one is in the hospital! I mean...nobody! Pretty scary right?

Well here's the thing, the movie takes an awful turn from this point, because we are first led to believe that they have arrived in another dimension of time---which we presume is quite possibly the future. However, all the sudden ghosts appear out of nowhere haunting the floors of the hospital and monsters dressed like members of the band Kiss come out attacking the 6 hospital patrons.

This movie just got a little weird and its ending was soooo ambiguous. I mean it actually lacked any logic and I was very dissapointed that I invested 2 hours into a film that had an ending that meant absolutely nothing. After doing some research, I found out this film apparently was the most expensive Finnish horror film to be produced. Ever. Wow...I'll hold my tongue and not insult the entire country of Finland, but they need to take some tips from American horror films...or better yet Japanese horror films.

Anyways, maybe you should check out Dark Floors and judge for yourself. Maybe you'll like it. Or maybe you'll agree and think that it sucked major monster's balls. Either way, this is being archived as a shitty indie. It may not necessarily be an "indie" per se, but it's still shitty.

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...nIShAntH... said...

Sounds likka lame ass movie... :D

you shud have watched Grudge 1 and 2...
its pretty scary...