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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whatever Happened To Robin Lively?

So my friend the other day calls me up extremely psyched because her favorite show Gossip Girl was being filmed right in her neighborhood. My friend has a thing for Blake Lively. I don't watch the show nor do I really care about Blake Lively, but I couldn't help but ponder about her sister Robin who I totally looked up to in 1989. I mean for me, Robin Lively was the shit! Okay, okay her star status is not exactly equivalent to that of her younger sister Blake's, but we ALL remember seeing Robin back in the late 80's early 90s at some point.

Yall remember Teen Witch? This is the movie the made Robin a teen icon in my eyes. I sooooo wanted to be Louise Miller. Who didn't?? Okay for those of you living under a rock in 1989 and never saw the teen cult classic, Robin plays Louise Miller; an unpopular awkward girl in high school. One rainy night ( a week before her 16th birthday), after riding her bike home from school she gets into an accident and ruins her bicycle. She stumbles into a house that is owned by a live-in psychic. The psychic then tells her some shocking news---that she comes from a bloodline of witches and has special powers!! Louise finds that she has the ability to do whatever she wants! And what does she choose?? To become the most popular girl in high school of course!!! Anyways, yall should Netflix this if you haven't seen it. She makes out (which was a lil risque at the time) with Dan Gauthier. Dan totally looks like Tom Cruise to me. Well at least back then anyway. By the way, am I saying the word "totally" too many times??? Sorry I'm, in high school girl mode right now. then Robin appeared in the 3rd sequel to The Karate Kid. She was in a movie to that other Whatever Happened To Guy....memba him?? She wasn't really in the movie that long and I was kinda jealous of her becuz she was Ralph Macchio's love interest and I had an uber crush on him back in the day. Oh yeah and remember that short lived prime time Southern soap Savannah? Wasn't it on the WB or somethin? I dunno I remember I watched a few episodes and got bored quick. After that it seems that Robin my eyes anyway.

From the looks of her IMDB profile she's still working. Making a recent appearance on 30 Rock (I gotta start watchin that show). It appears she's mainly doing small screen TV stuff. Has anyone seen her lately? How does she look? How did Blake take her place so quickly?? I liked Robin better! Nobody messes with my Louise!! You hear me?!? a lil mental there. We need you back on the map Robin. She needs like a major recurring role on a hit TV show---like Grey's Anatomy or maybe do some reality TV like Dancing With The Stars. Oh wellz...only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Actually, her star status was EXACTLY the same as Blake Lively's current status, which is CURRENT TEEN IDOL. The only difference is that in Robyn's day, there was no internet and IMs and teens never had sex on teenage shows in the 1980s, so it's not fair to compare the two since their popularity is at different time frames and eras. Love Robyn by the way, and I love Gossip Girl. I'm 26 so I'm like young enough to love and remember Teen Witch, but I'm still not too old to appreciate Gossip Girl. Hehe.

Rebecca said...

Robyn actually appeared as "Ham's Wife" on the Saving Grace prime-time show. She looked and still looks GREAT! BIG TEEN WITCH FAN!!!!That show got me thru High School... LOL