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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sparrow '08 - New Web Series

(New York, NY) October 6, 2008 – Rooftop Films and Rumur Inc., the filmmakers behind Horns and Halos, announce the release of six webisodes about the poet Sparrow's fifth attempt to lose the presidential election. The comedic documentary series can be seen at and

Filmmaker Michael Galinsky says, "We came to know of Sparrow because Soft Skull Press, the publisher we chronicled in Horns and Halos, had published his campaign diary, Republican Like Me. He has a very unique take on politics and we thought that amplifying his work could inspire a broader discussion about the politics in this country."

Produced by Rumur Inc. and Rooftop Films, these six short episodes chronicle Sparrow's hilarious 2008 non-campaign, from his heaven-sent inspiration, to his rousing appearance in front of thousands, to his desperate attempts to keep genuine activists from voting for him. Guest stars include Sander Hicks (founder of Vox Pop) and Andrew Boyd (founder of Billionaires for Bush). Also included are Sparrow's "campaign commercials," the uniquely bizarre Wisdom of Sparrow pledges and poems.

In 1996, Sparrow ran as a revolutionary communist within the structure of the Republican Party and lived to write a book about it, Republican Like Me. A cross between Lenny Bruce and Stephen Wright, Sparrow doesn’t really want you to vote for him but he likes having a reason to speak on your behalf.

As a country we need Sparrow. We certainly don’t want him to run anything but we need him now, just as the 1850’s needed Walt Whitman, to force us to look at our political system with a new perspective. Sparrow speaks truth to those not in power, and if enough people listen power might have to pay attention.

In this crucial election season, America needs a ridiculously cartoonish incompetent candidate who won't actually be elected. America needs electoral comedy that doesn't make us weep with fear. America needs Sparrow.

Sparrow is available for interviews, media junkets, spamming, and attention-grabbing political stunts. Photos and clips available upon request. If you're interested in covering Sparrow's non-campaign, please contact

• Watch Episodes 1-3 now at go here.

• Look for updates on Sparrow's run away from the presidency at the
Rooftop Films Blog.

• Become Sparrow's friend on Facebook and MySpace.

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