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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000?

I loved that show! I used to watch that show and afterwards pop in a movie and provide my own comical commentary. Of course, I was by myself. With no audience. In the dark. Okay way too much information, but at the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival, they decided to showcase the talents of The Raspberry Brothers. They screened the film The Lost Boys---a Corey's classic of course and I was laughing out loud the whole freakin time.
The funniest thing the commenters pointed out to the audience was Corey Haim's wardrobe during the movie. I never noticed how gay it really looked!!! Like seriously, what was the set costumer thinking?!? Also there is a quick shot when Corey shuts his closet door and there is a pic of Rob Lowe with an open shirt and oily chest. Was there some homoeroticsm in this movie?? I'm just sayin! I never noticed, but the Raspberry Brothers did!!

Basically the comedy trio did a short presentation of the film and there was a moment midway into the film that they stopped the DVD. The three guys went in front of the movie screen and re-enacted a scene from the film. It was pretty hilarious. Remember the scene with Corey Haim in the bathtub taking a bubble bath and singing the song "Aint Got No Home". In case yall forgot what scene I'm talkin about look at the infamous clip below:

Well the Raspberry Brothers didn't quite re-enact it the way the film was shot, they did it in their own sophmoric kind of way. It was pretty there was some brief nudity. Which was kinda of weird for me. The picture above is an old screening date for the trio...but for more info go their website.

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maxi said...

i have seen this film just last year. i thought it was not a good film. but it really is!

anyway, i am following your blog so i hope that you will also follow my blog. if that's okey with you. see you in my blog!