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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make A Movie With No Budget!

100% Free Video Production Classes, Video Studio Classes, Final Cut Pro Classes for Manhattan residents & Non Profits Orgs only.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network is responsible for administering the Public Access cable television services in Manhattan. Our purpose is to ensure the ability of Manhattan residents to exercise their First Amendment rights through the medium of cable television and to create opportunities for mutual communication, education, artistic expression and other noncommercial uses of video facilities on an open, uncensored and equitable basis. In providing services, we seek to involve the diverse racial, ethnic and geographic communities of Manhattan in the electronic communication of their varied interests, needs, concerns and identities.

Public Access Television is supported by TimeWarner Cable and RCN Cable, under a franchise agreement with the City of New York. MNN is made possible by the work and support of thousands of individuals and groups in New York City. Contact MNN.ORG 212-757-2670 x340

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