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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kevin & The Weinsteins make an Apatow flick

..Or at least they try.

What starts off as a whip smart, raunchy, slacker comedy.. the type Kevin Smith does so well, comes to a screeching halt in the final act when he suddenly expects us to embrace his attempts at turning the film into a schmaltzy romantic comedy, with declaration of love monologues that would put even Nora Ephron in a diabetic coma.

Zack and Miri, played by Seth Rogen and Elisabeth Banks, respectively, are old friends who are struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile at their 10 year high school reunion they run into an old class mate dating a gay porn star ( a scene stealing performance by Justin Long.)

This gives the pair the brills Idea of making their own porno (hence the title douche).
What follows is a sex and gross out comedy romp that plays like Porky's meets Clerks (and if that's not a great formula for a movie.. I don't know what is).
Unfortunately problems arise when Zack and Miri end up falling for one another and the film plummets into cliche chick flick oblivion.

It seems as if Mr. smith doesn't really know how to balance the sophomore humor with genuine emotion the way, that some may argue, Judd Apatow is able to do so successfully. (I'm not one of them but...)

Smiths attempt to build a hit the Apatow way.. by using many of Apatow's regulars: Rogen, and Craig Robinson, and themes: Maturity stunted adults finally growing up through the power of love is both obvious and essentially unsuccessful. what could have been a light hearted good time is weighted down by a clunky ending... and Kevin Smith is much smarter than that.

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