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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Failed List:

A list of random things and Films that just Failed. Dog gone it!, they tried but it just wasn't good enough, but hey with out the fails we wouldn't know when we have success. so thanks, thanks for sucking so hard.

1. Michael Phelps hosting SNL: Don't know if it was the stiff acting. mechanical reading of the cue cards. the constant staring of said cue cards, his awkward Herman Munster appearance or just crappy SNL writing, but goodness this was a train wreck we were more than happy to turn away from.. dude stick to jumping into water.

2. King of the Hill gets cancelled: WOW!, this show was still on? Who watches this? really? I mean besides the trailer park demographic whose desperate to see any representation of themselves on that "glowy Box thing". Plus with all the attention and buzz FUNNY and relevant adult cartoons like Family Guy, South Park and the Boondocks guess there just wasn't any room for a dull family like the Hills, and to think.. they cancelled Futurama before this crap. Blasphemy!

3. Chuckies much older sister trying to distance herself from the family legacy. Embrace it Bitch!

4. Mark Wahlberg in "The Happening": Probably the closest will get to seeing Marky play gay on screen.


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