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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sloppy Drunk Girl Reviews: Lakeview Terrace

Hayyyy!, ya'll
It's your girl Becky.
This weekend was crraazzyyy!
me and my road dog Samantha... what up Sammy? We got soo wasted it wasn't even funny. first we went to Hoolihans did a couple of "Jeiger Bombs", then we had breakfast.
Then I had to go home and change cause the Mimosa's I drank came right back up all over my new dark purple strapless from the Lauren Conrad collection.
So I got home, threw on my darker purple strapless L.C's and we were back on our grind.
so after like our 12th tequila guzzler.. Sammy is all like: "we should totally see that new Patrick Wilson movie, he's so Hot!"
and I'm all like "yeah, total panty creamer. "

then I blacked out.

When I came too we were sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start.
let me just start off by saying the movie was like really good. Samuel Jackson.. whose in like everything these days was so scary as the angry cop.
The movie is about like this couple that moves in next door to Sam Jackson. and Sam Jackson is all like " I dont want you two living next to me." and at the beginning he pretends to be all nice and junk but then he starts acting like a complete A-hole for no reason,
and I'm all like "chill out sam Jackson it's not even that serious". Then me and my girl sammy laughed for like 10 minutes about how they have the same name so theyre like name twins even though her last name is Ryker not Jackson. Then this old couple in front of us, turned around and shooshe'd us.. and that made us laugh even harder.
Then the dude whispers "drunk bitches" or skanks or something under his breathe and I'm all like "fuck you slim dick" and then I stand up and get all up in his face and shit and the coke bottle filled with rum I'm holding starts spilling all over me.
then I blacked out again.

When I came too again Sam Jackson and Patrick Wilson were in a bar talking about something but i was totally confused cause I missed a whole chunk of it.
but "OMG" how hot is Patrick Wilson?.. I LOVE "Little Children" even though the fat bitch from Titanic is in it. there's a scene where they show his ass all chisled and junk and it totally makes me wanna throw on a strap-on and go to town.
that can't be normal.
but anyways he was totally good in this and Sam Jackson was totally good in it and even the girl who plays the wife was good in it.
although, I didn't really know who she was.. they totally should have gotten somebody more famous to play that part... like Jennifer aniston or Jessica biel or oooh Scarlett Johansen.
but whateves it's all good.
Time to catch Happy hour peace out!

Synopsis: Scary and kinda hot but a little confusing cuz why was Sam Jackson so mad???

3 boob flashes up.

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