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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Short & Precise Movie Review

Idiocracy 2006

An army shulb (Luke Wilson) and a sassy prostitute, played to perfection by (Maya Rudolph)… Ordered by the government to become apart their Human Hibernation experiment, when the project gets lost in shuffle, the mis-match pair are forgotten and awake to the year 3001. Where a Pro-Wrestler resides in the White House, law degrees can be purchased at Costco’s and Starbucks has a merger with the “Oldest Profession in the World”. A clever spoof with a satirical wit based on corporate sponsorship, consumerism and a spot on ability to exaggerate the current culture trends. Smart imagery filled in with clever little details. A generic comedy with a spunky attitude and a trivial thought provoking premise.

Clerks 1994
True cult indie, directed by Kevin Smith. Slackers Dante (Brian O’halloran) and sidekick Randall (Jeff Anderson) are clerks. Somewhere between dealing with irate customers they find time for roof hockey, an off-beat love triangle and a romp to the funeral parlor. This film has a crude sense of realism and a raunchy comedic edge, with a voyeuristic type presence. Vintage style black and white, raw budget, real wit, great dialogue.

Drowning Mona 2000

The most despised women in town, Mona Dearly (Bette Midler), careens her car off a cliff. Ironically, the town mourns in a celebratory manner. This is a perfect character driven cast; featuring Danny Devito, Neve Campbell, Jamie Lee Curtis and Casey Affleck. Innovating and daring, very much a farce abstraction that’s made memorable. Every character has unique personas, which give the film a non-predictable story line. The film location is rustic backwoods’ forest, an eclectic realism. The Yugos are a faultless touch. A dark comedy that is well written, with welcomed newness from the cast.

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