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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Short & Precise Movie Review!


A chronicle that explores human emotion and the circumstantial fate that it represents in life. Love, joy, sorrow, pain, and torment, foresight the lives of a banker (Forest Whitaker) betting on a better life, a premonitory gangster (Brendan Fraser) dueling with the right and wrongs of morality, a discontent pop star (Sarah Michelle Gellar), seeking validated geniality, and a doctors(Kevin Bacon) heartfelt love and obligation to oath, whose destinies are bound together by an tyrannical insidious crime boss (Andy Garcia). Familiar formula that tries to draw an unconformity view of reality. Its heavy-laden dialogue shortcuts its premise. A forcible dramatic rationale that results in an absence of assignable cause. Great ensemble cast, disappointing context.
1 star

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