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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NYIndieSeen's Favorite Movies That You Never SEEN

Here's our favorite movies that you've never seen. Some of these movies really need to be nominated for Academy Awards. I mean damn...I think these movies were definitely snubbed!

A movie about a clown just trying to prove his all to the local Cheerleader squad. He may have a big ass red nose and is need of some Rogaine..but he can BRING IT!

Pinhead just wanted a baby and Nathan Arizona has more than he could handle. The Cohen brothers directed this black comedy and for sure this movie will keep you on pins and needles!

Spike Lee's groundbreaking film about white boy gettin it on wit a sista. Well...she got Indian up in her too. Spike Lee makes a cameo in the film too
and schools the community on the importance of racial equality and love.

Pinhead returns after he loses his baby and goes on a killing spree with his girl Mallory in film about what happens when you take away someone's kid and what drives us to become famous.

Ice Cube follows up in this sequel to Friday along with Mike Epps in a film about smokin, chillin, and killin! Watch out, cuz Next Friday could be very well be your last. Ice Cube was accidentally injured during the making of this film....well his career was.

Oscar the Grouch is in everyone's nightmare in this horror flick that was banned by PBS. The film also stars Elmo in his film debut. If you don't wanna die, then don't wake up. If you smell trash...then your dreams could be over.

This is a mission to save the life of Private Shrek whos brothers were all killed. This movie was originally titled Saving Shrek's Privates, but then Speilberg realized Shrek didn't have any...well any worth saving anyways.

Oh those crazy high school whiz kids. Well someone screwed up and accidentally created man-eating serial killer! Oopsie scroodles!

Courtesy of Worth 100

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