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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Guilty Pleasure Soundtrack...AND Movie

Okay we all have a guilty pleasure movie that we just adore and totally bought the movie on DVD on the DL just to watch it over and over and later recite every piece of dialogue. RIGHT?? Yea, you know who you are!!

Well how about a guilty pleasure movie soundtrack?? Isn't there a movie soundtrack that you love and probably either bought at Virgin Records or downloaded on iTunes cuz you love the songs??

Mean Girls (2004)

Yall know what the movie is about. If not, its basically about this white girl from Africa who pretends to like a popular clique of "mean girls" just to later play a foul prank on them, but in turn starts to become just like them. And the movie stars my girl....Lindz. Or Hohan...whatever you wanna call her these days.

I mean there are some cool ass artists on this soundtrack such as; Blondie, Kelis, Pink, and The Donnas. Oh yea...and Lindz girlfriend is on the soundtrack too. That cool DJ hipster chick...who likes other chicks.

I gotta fav song is hers. Matter a fact...FUGGIT. I'm posting a Youtube clip of the song on this post. HaH!

Not sure if this was the actual music video....but its sumthin.

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