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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Couch Fest Films: A New Shorts Film Fest in Strangers' Houses

Maybe you love film. Maybe you like the idea of sitting on your rump all over Seattle. Well, that's kind of what we like too. So was born the idea of Couch Fest Films.

Couch Fest Films is a new cozy shorts film fest hosted in peoples' houses. During Couch Fest Films, lovers of film can sit shoulder to shoulder watching short films while stuffing their faces with the snacks they thought they had to sneak in. Also, with no submission fees, filmmakers are competing for the chance at $1750 in prize money and the bragging rights for earning a Golden Couch award. This shorts film fest happens on Saturday, September 27th, 2008. During Couch Fest Films houses will have their own genre of short movies that play on rotation all day. Starting every hour, each inviting house will have its own unique 30 minute program of short films.

Lovers of film may visit the houses with themes that interest them. Host houses will be comfortably located near each other so attendees can stroll, meander or bike with excitement and anticipation to their next selected house. There will be a short intermission during each individual program where couch neighbors can gripe or praise the films they are watching. Ultimately, the hope is that attendees might interact, share and discover fellow lovers of film.
200 films in 15 houses during one day.

Start Training!

Couch Fest Films-Music from couch fest films on Vimeo

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