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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Craptacular Flick: After Sex

Have you ever went to the video store or looked up a movie on
IMDB and read the plot and thought..."wow this looks like this would be an interesting movie"--but then you get home and watch it and realize that this you felt hoodwinked into believing that this movie was even worth the 90 minutes of your time devoted to it??? Well that's how we felt when we watched After Sex. Okay cool concept---7 vignettes about pillow talk. Ya know the deep philosophical conversations we have after sex?? Well that's what the movie is about. It focuses on each couple's interesting conversation that takes place after they have had sex. Some conversations are about falling in love, some are about homophobia, and others are about pretending your are a hooker when really you are a bad actress trying to convince us that you're really not a whore. Yea, that's what one of the stories are about.

This movie was a snorefest for me and there were homosexual couples featured in this film having the same redundant conversation about what it is to be gay and the fear of being outed. Watching the film actually felt like an after-school special. I'm surprised that so many well known actors appeared in the film. I guess they just read their scenes and not the script in its entirety...cuz the stories were majorly lacking and the writing was nothing to get excited about either. Sometimes in weird way it can be refreshing to see shitty indies like this being made. It gives the really talented writers out there-- who yet to have a voice --a chance to write better films.
If you have to watch this film, use it as a guide what NOT to do when writing a script. It will be very helpful in your journey as a screenwriter.

Here is a sample below. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you even care?

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