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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's That Time Yall...

Unless you are living under a rock the Tribeca Film Festival is coming up and it's supposed to be bigger and better than ever. Well that's what they're telling us anyway. The festivities kick off next Wednesday April 23rd and will last until May 4th. The hottest films in indie cinema are shown at this festival and everyone always comes out. An NYIndieSeen staffer has been involved with this festival for the past 2 years and you never know who you'll run into. You may meet a first time filmmaker and talk about their latest docudrama and meanwhile you turn around and see Philip Seymour Hoffman with a glass of chardonnay listening in on your conversation in the Tribeca Lounge. Or you may attend a movie screening and find yourself sitting right next to the most popular film distributor in all of Hollywood. So save the date and don't forget that anything can happen at TFF.

Keep your business cards close and your confidence closer, because you never know who you'll run into. Who cares if your movie isn't gettin screened this year? You may get connected within the festival and meet some cool people along the way.
Wanna a way to get connected and watch movies without paying for tickets?? Volunteer!!

Go here to volunteer as staff for the festival. Who knows, you may find yourself handing out ticket stubs to Leonardo DiCaprio or helping out on a Q&A panelist session in which you should keep an ear out on what's being discussed. Either way...get your ass in there and have fun!

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