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Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Shitty NY TV Shows

So let's compare and contrast here...

Which show is smellier? Which show sucks bigger monster's balls? Which show will be canned first?

I know I know...I'm a lil harsh here, but I can't helpz it. Cashmere Mafia is a snorefest and Lipstick Jungle looks like a wannabee Charlie's Angels...the movie version. They shoulda just cast Lucy Liu in Lipstick instead...then all the fans of that movie would probably like the show. Uugggh. Booooring. I rather watch Sex And The City for the 18th time. Really...I have watched every episode of the entire series at least 18 times. I know...that's extreme.

The NY Post did an article about these craptacular shows and compared their similarities:

Cashmere has Darren Star---creator of Sex And The City is the executive producer

Lipstick is based on a novel by Candance Bushnell---creator of... take a wild guess?

The locations shot for both shows are in the obvious parts of Manhattan (since those are the only areas worth shooting apparently) Madison Square park, SoHo streets, Hudson Street, Upper East Side

Both shows share:

Whiny crybaby chick music

Unshaven scruffy hubbies

Travel is only conducted by a corporate jet or private car

The only difference? The chick Caitlin is an "experimental lesbian" OMG can the show get any worse?? The obligatory character struggling with their sexuality....YAWN.

I really wish more networks would allow first time writers to pitch MORE pilots during pilot season. Then recycled trash like these 2 shows would never see the light of day.

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