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Friday, January 25, 2008


Back to celebrity sightings in the bestest place on earth!

Matthew Modine (memba him??) at 121 W 10th St chillin with some dude at a resturaunt. But he was checkin out a girl's ass so the gay rumors aint really necessary.

Wanda Sykes was all up in E 49th St & Lexington Ave right outside the W Hotel...speaking of gay rumors...I heard the lesbian ones about her are actually true.

Jeffrey Wright at E 48th St & Park Ave lookin a lil ruff but still good for his age. Is it true he lives in Fort Greene? Anyone know his address so we can stalk him?

Michael Rapaport was at 37 Spring St in Rice to Riches in SoHo gettin into it with his girl. Prolly they were fighting over who's gettin the Perfectly Legal Pecan Pie. It's completely understandble why a fight would ensue over that flavor.

Clive Owen's sexy ass was at E 47th St & Park Ave. HE could soooo get it!

Gwenyth Paltrow's bony ass was at Varick St & Franklin St strolling with an apple...uh we mean her kid Apple. What a fugged up name to have....Apple.

Cameron Diaz at 335 Bowery...stop tarnishing the nasty, dirty, grimy rat-ridden streets of NYC and go back to Los Angeles!

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