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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Indie Pick O' The Day: Bully

After the recent death of Brad Renfro, a movie I remembered seeing which was an intriguing yet disturbing performance by Renfro in the Larry Clark film Bully. I say it was disturbing becuz honestly it seems like Renfro was high the whole time. I don't know if that's how the character was to be portrayed, or if the drugs revealed itself though his performance.
Bully is actually based on a factual account of a group of high school aged slackers who decide to kill one of their own. Marty has become fed up with his friend Bobby's twisted ways. His girlfriend, a victim of Bobby's often cruel insults and sexual assaults, couldn't agree more and they strategize murdering Bobby, with a group of willing and unwilling participants in a small Florida town. In the midst of their plotting, they find themselves contemplating with the possible aftermath of what could happen. Larry Clark (in typical Clark-inspired fashion) uses close-ups on body parts and gratuitous shots of Bijou Phillips' crotch.

I think Bijou is a talented actress, but she should really extend her range a lil more and not play the same ol' skanky chickenheadish type roles. Her character in Bully is the same character she played in Havoc and Black & White. I'm sure there's more I just haven't seen her entire filmography.
The movie although based on a true story, is within the same genre of other Larry Clark films about bored privileged white suburban teens who have nothing else better to do with their time than to dabble in drug use, promiscuous sex, and illegal activities. The film almost pay some homage to Kids by the casting of Leo Fitzpatrick who helps the kids coordinate the murder of Bobby. Fitzpatrick played Telly, the unsuspecting HIV positive teen in Kids. The film also stars Nick Stahl and Rachel Miner.

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